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Why create Fly-Chicks, Inc.?

Fly-Chicks, Inc. is a 501(c)(3)  non-profit organization that was designed to give teen girls and young women a voice, while serving as a sounding board and resource to foster feelings of self-worth and good decision-making skills.  Teens find it difficult to have “tough” conversations about sensitive topics with their parents. For this reason, we established a platform for “storytelling” to promote open and honest communication across generations. Teen girls and young women especially need to understand that they are not alone. Though each story is unique to them, many of our life stories parallel.   When a person feels “heard”,  feelings of isolation, shame, and hopelessness immediately dissipate.  Fly-Chicks, Inc. founders, Tiffani and Tanya Phelps firmly believe that we should never be ashamed of our experiences, because if channeled in the proper direction, they form our character – and thereby, our PURPOSE.

Our Mission

Fly-Chicks, Inc. was established to provide teen girls and young women with a national network of support, information and resources necessary to help them transition into strong, healthy, and successful women.

Our Objectives

  •  Provide teen girls and young women with a platform to discuss real and personal issues within themselves, their families, and their communities – and to discover effective solutions to those issues.
  • Advocate and prescribe healthy doses of positive messages and images that bring about healing and build self-esteem.
  • Create a safe network of support that encourage and nurtures feelings of hope, wholeness, strength, and self-worth.
  • Establish an environment wherein women feel compelled to transparently share their stories in a way that nourishes and fortifies the spirit, mind, and bodies of teen girls for generations to come.

 Our Programs

  • “Real Life, Real Talk” Workshops & Conference Calls
  • Social & Cultural Events
  • Mentoring Initiatives
  • National Fly-Chicks “Hope Hotline”
  • Parent-Child Communication Trainings & Workshops
  • Interactive Teen Blog
  • Annual Fly-Chicks Retreat
  • Teen Advisory Group

 How You Can Help

  • Tell Your Story
  • Host a Workshop
  • Spread Our Message
  • Volunteer as a Mentor
  • Donate (supplies, transportation, technology, funds, etc.)

Meet the Founders of Fly-Chicks, Inc. — Tiffani and Tanya Phelps


Tiffani Phelps

Born in the inner city of Detroit, Michigan, Tiffani Phelps was the girl next door – one whom had an exclusive gift to engage others.  It wasn’t unusual for Tiffani to find herself on the receiving end of conversations that generated honest, open dialogue that often included very sobering, life-changing topics.  From a very young age, Tiffani was told that this was her “gift”.  Throughout her adult years, she realized this to be true and embraced being the one that people opened up to.

After receiving her Bachelor’s of Science in Family Community Services from Michigan State University, she served as a full-time volunteer with City Year Detroit – an AmeriCorps program. While working for City Year and other community organizations, Tiffani saw a great need to empower younger generations with a message of hope.  She went on to Emory University, where she received her Master’s of Public Health in Health Policy and Management.  Most of her professional experiences have included developing and implementing adolescent health programs and encouraging young people to take an active role in their health.

Tiffani has a heart for Christ, an entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for helping young people. Her desire to improve the overall health and well-being of young people has allowed her to work for organizations with youth-focused programs. These organizations include Children’s Hospital of Michigan, the University of Michigan, and the Georgia Department of Community Health.  Outside of her Public Health career, Tiffani is a mentor and is actively involved with the youth ministry at her Atlanta-based church.

Tanya Phelps

Tanya Cunningham Phelps grew up in a single-parent household in Detroit, Michigan.  Facing the same challenges as most young ladies in her environment, she was determined not to fall prey to the issues that so easily plagued the teen girls around her.  Words like self-esteem, self-respect and self-worth were missing from the dialogue of her peers; and even at a young age, she was determined to change that.  After working as a youth mentor and volunteer for various non-profit organizations, Tanya graduated high school with honors and enrolled in college at the age of 16.

Tanya graduated Magna Cum Laude from Oral Roberts University in 1993 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational & Interpersonal Communications.  As a woman of faith, she has continually displayed a heart for youth – deriving from her childhood a strong sense of urgency to positively influence and encourage young people worldwide.

During her tenure at ORU, Tanya served as Director of the Souls A’Fire Drama Ministry– traveling nationwide to minister the gospel of Christ and share a message of hope, faith, love and self-worth to youth across the country.  During her post-collegiate years, Tanya was hand selected multiple times to lead a host of faith-based youth initiatives in the Metropolitan Detroit area.

Married with three amazing children, Tanya continues to pursue her passion for community outreach and is active in the youth ministry at her Atlanta-based church.  She is humbled and excited to have the opportunity to share unfiltered messages that will serve to engage, enthuse, and empower young women not only to reach their goals – but explode right past them –  into a realm bigger than anything that they could have imagined! Get ready!


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