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Meet Tiffany Thermidor

August 6, 2014 Beauty, Self-Esteem No Comments
Tiffany T.png


We’re SUPER excited to introduce Tiffany Thermidor as our new Fly-Chicks, Inc. Fitness Guru.  Tiffany recently learned about Fly-Chicks, Inc. and instantly wanted to be part of promoting the organization’s mission.  She shares our passion to uplift, empower, and motivate teen girls and women by encouraging them to be healthy and whole from the inside-out.  As we continue to take the necessary steps to make ourselves better internally, Tiffany is going to help us shape up our outside!  After all, our bodies are our temples :-) !

So… if you’ve been wanting to exercise more and learn ways to improve your eating habits, then STAY TUNED!!!  Tiffany is full of excitement and life, and her personal story about overcoming challenges with her weight will encourage you!!  We can’t wait to see what healthy eating tips, exercises, fitness challenges, meals plans, etc., she has in store for everyone!!! Checkout her personal message and bio below!! … Continue Reading

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Black Beauty by Lupita Nyong’o

March 5, 2014 Beauty No Comments

What can we say about Academy Award Winning Actress, Lupita Nyong’o? She is intelligent, beautiful, eloquent, authentic, determined, talented, and so much more.  After listening to the speech that Lupita gave during the 7th Annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon, I was deeply moved by her insight and wisdom.  During her speech, she referenced the “seductiveness of inadequacey.”  WOW!!!  She was spot on.  So many black women and young girls are wooed by thoughts and feelings of inadequacy, as if “how” and “who” God created them to be is not good enough.  Let me, one who has overcome the lies and destructive patterns of self-hate, be the FIRST to testify that GOD NEVER MAKES MISTAKES and HE ALWAYS KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT HE IS DOING.

Please trust and know that there is purpose in EVERY detail of who you are, be it an internal or external characteristic!  She also shared a saying that her mother often told her as a young girl — “You can’t eat beauty.” If that doesn’t speak to you honey, then I don’t know what will!!  What does “You can’t eat beauty” mean… Continue Reading

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Your Image

September 24, 2013 Beauty No Comments
A teenage girl writing beauty on a mirror in lipstick

“When you create an image of yourself, you have to maintain it to feel valuable.” ~Pastor Toure Roberts, One Church International, LA

Dear Sis,

Hearing this quote from my pastor during one of his power-packed services changed my entire perspective.  He was speaking about “Identity“, and I listened to every word.  Day after day, so many of us struggle with our identity.  It’s one of the many reasons we take so long to get dressed and ready to leave the house.  Self-identity (or self-image) is such a huge factor in how we view ourselves in this world because it’s how we think the world sees us. I tend to use myself as an example, so I’ll share with you a bit of my history… … Continue Reading

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You Are So Much More

FC Carousel Pic

~ “.. your body is not a ride at an amusement park for people to get on and then get off and leave. You are so much more than that…” ~ At some point as a woman you are going to have to stop saying “I can do everything a …

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Featured Article - Letters

Beautifully Broken

beautifully broken

My Beautiful Warrior, What you may see as broken inside yourself, I see as beautiful.  I am the One who makes beautiful things out of broken hearts.  I am the same God who took a brokenhearted orphan named Esther and turned her into a queen who saved My people.  Just …

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Cindy’s Love

fc - homeless teen

This true story, as told by the mom of  “Cindy”, a 15 year old 9th Grader, stopped us in our tracks.  We had to share it with you. I left the house at 7:00 a.m., drove almost 3 hours for several meetings, then drove the 3 hours back home, exhausted.  …

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Picking Up the Shattered Pieces…

Tiffany Patton

This story, authored by esteemed radio host, businesswoman and entrepreneur Tiffany Patton  — is life-changing.  Read on… Forgiveness.  Forgiveness is the gift that I give and send to all the young women who have suffered abuse of any kind. I would say that forgiveness is one of the most powerful action …

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