Individuality: In the Box/Out of the Box

Who are you?  What do you like?  What comes naturally to you? One thing we all know about fashion is that it comes and goes.  Though certain trends may change, one thing that will never go out of style is Individuality. When we think of individuality in the category of …

Things I Wish I Had Known About Sex

I wish I had known… The emotions that come with having sex (e.g., feeling insecure, vulnerable, a need to please, possessive, etc.). That as a female you can’t separate sex from your emotions, even if you think you can. That girls care more about the emotional connection than the actual …


STATISTICS: 1 in 4 girls will be sexually abused before she turns 18.  A report of sexual abuse is made every 2 minutes. 90% of abusers are people children know, love or trust.  20% of child sexual abuse victims are under the age of 8. 60% of sexual assaults are …

Silent Cry

Dear Daughter, As I write this letter, tears fill my eyes. I’ve made so many mistakes with my body, my mind, and my heart, all because I did not truly love me.  I don’t know why some people spend their lives struggling to accept who they are, while others are …

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A Letter From My Father


As I was sorting through old papers and books from graduate school, I came across a letter that my father sent me several years ago.  He wrote this letter when I was having a difficult time adjusting to school and living in Atlanta with family.  It touched my soul then and it touches my soul now. I’m so glad that God gave me two praying parents! Their prayers and spiritual covering has kept me throughout the years.  As the first half of 2014 comes to an end, many of us are looking to see the manifestation of the things we’ve been praying and asking God to do in our lives this year. It’s so easy to get weary in well-doing and give up when it “looks” like God isn’t moving on our behalf. Well my friend… let me remind you that God operates outside of time. Be not dismayed! He IS moving on your (our) behalf; and what God has prepared is better than what you’ve asked of Him.  As my dad encouraged me in this letter to put my faith in Faith (God), I am encouraging you to do the same.  For faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet revealed to our natural senses. Stay positive and holdfast to the Truth (the Word of God).  God’s Word cannot return to Him void. Be patient and GET READY for what’s to come!!  If you haven’t read the book of Proverbs, then I suggest you do so that you may gain wisdom, knowledge and understanding. You’ll need it for the NEXT LEVEL of your greatness!!



Dear Tiffani,

While sitting down at the kitchen table, reading my God’s Word, the Lord placed you on my heart. I just want to tell you that I think you are a wonderful daughter; and I love you. Always remember that God will never let you down. He’s always there to help you when we [your mom and I] can’t. You must learn to put your faith in Faith (God). When you earnestly seek God with your whole heart, things will begin to change for you and those you care so much for. He will reward you because He said it in His Word (Hebrews 11:6, read it).  Take God the Father at His Word and DON’T LET GO. Stay strong and read Proverbs, Tiffani. It contains so much wisdom, knowledge and understanding. You can stand up to anyone, if you get this book [of the bible] in your heart. Everything will become easy to you.  Listen to this Proverb — “A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy man keeps a secret.” When you have understanding, Tiffani things or people will not be so hard to deal with. ALWAYS GET UNDERSTANDING. Proverbs 3 is full of great lessons that you must get deep in your heart. I prayed to God… I asked Him to give you the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Keep smiling :-) .





July 2, 2014 Self-Esteem No Comments

I often ask myself, am I really striving to be great? And, of course, I think I am but what transpires in the physical world (outside of my mind) is very far from what I think I’m actually doing.

What is GREATNESS really? I could try to define it, but that would take a very long time. Greatness is different for everyone, but how to obtain it is the same for everybody. To be great, (and you read this all the time) you have to be willing to fail, and then fail a lot more. It’s not by chance that only 2% (and that is the highest percentage) of college athletes make it into the professional leagues, and only 1% of actors/actresses become mega movie stars. Some of these people just have God-given talent, but God only gave them the gift, it was their decision to spend endless hours honing their gift. Now ask yourself — Are you striving to be great?

Many of us “think” we are but we aren’t because we’re afraid to really give it our best shot. And we aren’t giving all we’ve got for the chance to be great because of “The Lie of Inadequacy” (Purpose Awakening: Discover The Epic Idea That Motivated Birth, Toure Roberts). We allow negative thoughts to control our actions and how we do in life because we think we are inadequate. Those negative thoughts are A LIE.  You have all the resources you need to be great… you’ve had them since birth!

As I lay here reflecting, I think of two things… the first is something that was said to me by a man that I truly admire and who inspires me; and the second is a phrase that is used in my church very often and said by a very humble, prophetic and gracious leader.

“If you are a writer, you must write.”
-DeVon Franklin (

In other words, if you know what you have been placed on the earth to do, then DO it! Otherwise, you’ll be sitting at a job that was supposed to be a “for just now” job, that has now turned into a career. And lastly —  

“Greatness requires sacrifice and change.”
-Toure Roberts (, One Church international)

In other words, to obtain GREATNESS you must be willing to sacrifice just about anything (within reason). GREATNESS does not come with directions, you have to be flexible. Change isn’t always easy, but it’s necessary to get to GREATNESS. You see… no one is greater than anyone else! If you know your greatness — PURSUE IT UNAPOLOGETICALLY AND FURIOUSLY!


4 Life-Giving Truths for Every Daughter


…as penned by Jennifer Rothschild in a recent blog post.

I am the mother of 2 sons, but if I had a daughter, this is what I would tell her….and — if I could go back in time and sit down with my teenage self, this is what I would tell her, too.

Dear Daughter,

When you realize how powerful emotions can be…

Remember to always elevate your faith above your feelings.  Why?  Because what you elevate highly governs (controls) you. 

Feelings change, but the precepts of faith are unchanging.

Feelings change, but the truth changes YOU.  Always allow yourself to be controlled by that which is eternal [or unchaning], rather than that which is temporary.

When you come to a sudden bump in the road…

Never allow your life circumstances to define you, but instead, let them refine you. Hard things are like heavenly sandpaper upon your life. God uses them to shape and mold you into a work of art. When you feel the pressure of trials, remember that God won’t allow them to crush you, he intends for them to make you beautiful.

When you feel afraid… … Continue Reading

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