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Things I Wish I Had Known About Sex

March 12, 2012 Sex 1 Comment

I wish I had known…

  • The emotions that come with having sex (e.g., feeling insecure, vulnerable, a need to please, possessive, etc.).
  • That as a female you can’t separate sex from your emotions, even if you think you can.
  • That girls care more about the emotional connection than the actual act of sex.
  • That you will feel like you need to do certain things with a guy because if you don’t there’s some other girl that will.
  • That you should think about the possibility of having to deal with a guy for the rest of your life, before having sex with him (as a result of pregnancy or HIV/AIDS).
  • That it’s OK to talk a good game and then punk out at the last minute.
  • That just because you’ve had sex once doesn’t mean you have to keep doing it.
  • That it’s OK to put off sex for as long as you need to.
  • That sex should be an expression of your love and affection for your partner.
  • That sex with someone you love AND who loves you in return is SO much better than casual meaningless sex.
  • That loving the sex is different than loving the person.
  • That you should already have some deep feelings for a person before you allow them to have sex with you.

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